Here’s What You Should Be Doing After An Internet Outage

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Jul 9, 2019 2:52:00 PM



It’s Friday afternoon. You and your team are busy wrapping up work for the workweek to try and get out a little early. Next thing you know, you hear your smartphone go off with an alert for a severe thunderstorm. Within 30 minutes you have heavy rain, lightning and strong winds. Strong enough that your power, including internet capabilities, go out. Now, not only are you and your team concerned about the work you’ve done and whether it’s backed up or not, but you also need to be conscious of how to reconnect your devices after the outage.

In an ideal world, computer safety would be automatic, but this is not the case. We must always be taking preventative measures and backing up our devices, to ensure our fiber optic internet is safe and reliable. Some of this depends on the provider and some depends on your business’ efforts. Some cyber security tips that can help ease your mind include planning for an outage, knowing how to troubleshoot your devices and ensure you have hotspot capabilities with your wireless provider.


Plan For An Outage

Planning for an outage is detrimental to computer safety. Put together an action plan for employees and managers to follow. This will help employees to feel confident that when an outage does occur that their work is saved and safe.

Troubleshoot Your Devices

After an outage, it’s important to try and figure out how and why the outage occurred. Was it on your end or perhaps was it a fault in the service provider’s system? Either way, a simple troubleshoot can help determine the root cause. This will not only help resolve the current outage, but help prevent future ones if you find faulty connections on your end.

Determine Hotspot Capabilities

Having an understanding of hotspot capabilities can play a key role during an internet outage. If an outage does occur, and has been determined to take a while to resolve, having hotspot capabilities can keep your company running. Contact your cell provider and see what options you have or what devices you can utilize in order to keep your business running if an outage is expected to have a long duration.


Internet outages are something that we don’t think about until they actually happen. When they do occur we are often taken by surprised and not prepared to handle the circumstances. Having a plan, knowing how to troubleshoot your own devises and determining hotspot capabilities are all tips that can help not only the computer safety of your company, but also help you and your employees feel empowered to handle an internet outage when it does occur.


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