4 IT Tips for Better Cyber Security

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Jun 18, 2019 11:09:00 AM

5 Cyber Security Tips

Privacy is a very hot topic these days, especially in the media world. With giants like Facebook and Google being scrutinized for their collection, and use of personal information, we should all look at exactly what information is being shared, and how it being obtained.

Let’s take it a step further. Personal use aside, what are you doing about your business’s security? If you’re not proactively taking steps to ensure that all information is protected, how can you guarantee that your company is secure? Data is precious and losing it or having others access it at their will can hinder your growth and bottom-line. Losing sensitive information is costly, not only due to the lost information, but the lost time trying to recover lost data and figuring out how your security was breeched.

There are cyber security tips that you can implement in order to better protect your office’s system. Some involve general computer safety that you can pass along to employees, while others are more complex IT security tips that a professional will need to assist with.

1. Train Employees

Setting clear and concise policies can help your business avoid issues with team members accidentally accessing dangerous sites or clicking harmful links and causing a data breach.


2. Double-check Downloads

Employees don’t always realize they are clicking something harmful when they download a file from the internet, or at least their intentions aren’t harmful. Setting up a backup system to require a second check of any external downloads by another party before they are allowed in your system.


3. Back Up Your Data

Before there is a security breach in your company’s operating system, as a cyber security best practice, you should always have a backup. Backing up data is the only guaranteed way to repair your network devices. You will have to erase and re-install the system, but having a backup can ensure that timely and sensitive company information is not lost.

4. Recognize and Avoid Phishing Scams

Sometimes your employees, or even yourself, may fall prey to emails that appear to be from trusted sources (i.e. people you normally converse with). These phishing scams can also include links or directions for you to follow. It’s imperative for your computer safety that you are always mindful of exactly what you’re doing online and that you trust your gut when something seems out of place. If an individual that you know has appeared to ask for an odd request, always double check the email and with the individual.


It’s always good to error on the side of caution. You would rather be safe than sorry when it comes to computer safety and your company’s precious data assets. Implementing some of these IT security tips will provide you with ways to protect your company, and provide you with an important conversation starter to have with employees. They cannot only use these cyber security tips at the office, but also at home with their families.

Whether or not you are taking the appropriate measure to defend yourself from cyber attacks, it’s always good to have a reminder of these best practices at arms reach. Download and print out our FREE Guide: The Ultimate Cyber Security Checklist so you and your employees can make sure that you’re not putting yourself in harms way.


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