Can Fiber Optic Internet Service Positively Affect Your Bottom Line?

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Mar 21, 2019 10:09:00 AM


Bad or slow internet service is the epitome of a bad day, especially when your company’s profit relies on a dependable connection. Not only does your business lose profits when the internet service is down, but you are also losing the productivity of your employees.

Time is invaluable. When your employees’ days are bogged down by poor internet service or spent troubleshooting issues, they are unable to do the work that matters - work to generate revenue.

Is your team is being held hostage by bad internet service? You can prevent bad internet service from robbing your time by investing in a more reliable service - a service like fiber optic internet.

But does making the switch make sense for your company? And how will the switch affect your bottom line?

Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic Internet


  • Fiber optic internet is the fastest internet available. With speeds of up to 100mbps, there's no questioning whether or not it has the capacity to keep up with your business’s demands.
  • It also carries information further than it’s competition. Fiber optic lines can run nearly 25 miles long and maintain signal strength. That’s 330 times longer than it’s copper counterpart.
  • Performance aside, when coupled with a good provider, fiber optic internet can also be the most reliable service.
  • If your provider has a solid network design with multiple paths, and proven network monitoring, when an issue is detected, the network will reroute your traffic through an alternate path where possible.
  • When rerouting your traffic isn’t possible, a good internet provider will quickly dispatch people and equipment to troubleshoot the issues, not leave you waiting for someone to show up between 8 and noon,  on Tuesday or Thursday, next week.


  • Generally speaking, fiber internet services cost more than other providers.
  • Fiber optic internet isn’t available everywhere. Because it is a newer type of internet service, not every geographical location has access to fiber internet.
  • Although durable and reliable, when fiber optic lines are damaged, they can be very expensive and time consuming to repair.

Good providers take damage time and cost into account when designing a network with multiple paths. They will often bury some sections while leaving others aerial. This means when one section is damaged, others will remain up during an extensive repair.

The Affect on Your Bottom Line

All things considered, when it comes to the effects that fiber optic internet will have on your bottom line, there is no statement more true that the old idiom “you get what you pay for.”

Yes, fiber optic internet is going to cost more in the short term, however, the long term gains from switching (i.e. faster speeds, lower latency, and consistency) are in many ways worth the initial expense.

The real difference is made by the provider of the internet service you choose. Coupling the inherent benefits with a trusted and reliable service provider offers you have a combination which will drive your business at the speed of light. See what we did there?

Are you looking to make a switch to fiber optic internet? Not sure what kind of speeds you need to keep your business at peak efficiency? Take this quiz and find out what speeds your business needs.

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