3 Bad IT Office Habits You Can Avoid

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Sep 16, 2019 8:02:00 AM

3 Bad It Office Habits You Can Avoid


We all have bad habits that we need to kick and for some people, those bad habits can bleed into the workplace. In today's world, you probably have a computer, phone or tablet at work, and a common bad habit with technology is the issue of not being proactive with the safety of your devices and data. But where do you start? There are plenty of starting points, from internet security, computer program safety, phishing email scams, and the list goes on!

It's time to feel empowered and tackle these bad habits so you can avoid problems that might arise at your company! The following is a combination of IT tips and cybersecurity best practices.


1. Failing to backup data

The world is connected now more than ever and that's all thanks to the internet, and everyday is becoming more and more connected. Businesses, small or large, are no exception as they leave a digital footprint after every blog posted, email sent, and sale made online.

If your business operates digitally in any capacity, it's wise to backup your companies data in the situation an issue arises, such as a server crashing, a hard-drive failing, certain project management software not operating correctly, or if a human error occurs such as accidental deletion of important files.

Being proactive about the safety of your company, employees, and customers data is important now more than ever! 


2. Assuming your antivirus software fully protects you

Almost every brick-and-mortar home and business in the country comes with a lock on the door, but some of those places need more than just a lock. The same concept applies to your antivirus software.

Antivirus software usually comes standard on new devices. The issue with this is assuming that the standard antivirus software will protect you and your business’ needs. It’s imperative to investigate what your company needs in terms of a protection plan. If you run an eCommerce website selling products or services online, you might need more protection than a business who just creates an educational blog post once a week. 

Make sure you are fully protected with software that can provide the right computer safety.

3. Weak Wi-Fi password

Wi-Fi is everywhere nowadays! It might be impossible to pull out a smartphone and the phone is trying not to find a Wi-Fi network. Everyone utilizes a Wi-Fi connection. However, a bad habit most businesses have is creating a Wi-Fi network for their employees, having an easy password for all the employees to remember, but if the password is too easy and generic, online predators and hackers can access your network as well.

Setting up a Wi-Fi password that is easy for employees to remember, yet secure enough to prevent outside access is an essential IT tip to ensure online safety for you and your business.